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For over 100 years, Nashua’s Board of Police Commissioners has been appointed by Democrat and Republican Governors. Not the local government.

Why? Corrupt local politics.

Make no mistake. The attempt by the Mayor and his supporters to change a system that has worked for over 100 years IS politically motivated.

*July 2021*
Nashua Chief of Police stated, “There are several aldermen that have told me they don’t like the governor, and anybody but this governor should have control of the police commission...

*July 2021*
Nashua Chief of Police stated continued, "each of these three [current] police commissioners were appointed by Democratic female Gov. Maggie Hassan. They have been since appointed by Republican male Gov. Chris Sununu."

*July 2021*
Nashua Chief of Police
continued, "They’ve each been reviewed and vetted by and confirmed by Nashua Democrat Deb Pignatelli, female, and Dave Wheeler, as a white male Republican. So, both sides of the spectrum have vetted these people and feel they are appropriate and should be there.”

*August 2021*
In a vote of 8-6, the Nashua Board of Aldermen REJECTED a proposal to allow voters to decide how members of the Nashua Police Commission are appointed.

*August 2021*
Two weeks after Aldermen REJECTED the proposal, a citizen petition with more than 2,000 signatures was submitted to put the measure on the ballot.

*Were the rules followed for achieving the necessary number of signatures for the citizen petition?*
 - Nashua City Charter requires signatures totaling 10% of the number of REGISTERED VOTERS in the City of Nashua.
 - The Mayor and his supporters followed 10% of ACTUAL VOTERS in the last election.

*October 2021*
The validity of the petition signatures goes under the advisement of a judge. Verdict TBD.

Do not be deceived by the Mayor and his supporters’ feel-good campaign of “Support Local Control.” Their feel-good campaign slogan is an insult to voters and taxpayers. Their tactics are deceptive. Their efforts to try and mislead voters and taxpayers are nothing more than a greedy selfish political power grab.

*I support accountability and transparency.
*I support citizen petitions that follow the rules.
*I support keeping NPD INDEPENDENT from corrupt local politics.

Keep the Nashua Police Department INDEPENDENT from corrupt local politics.

Vote NO on Question 2.